Rely on customized solutions

We are the right partner for the transport of large machines and pieces of equipment within your facility. With solutions made to measure to meet your requirements, we make sure that machines and entire production lines are transported from A to B without disrupting your company’s overall manufacturing programme.

It makes no difference whether just individual machines and large appliances need to be moved or whether the entire factory or production equipment must be relocated. We deliver impressive results according to the state of the art – both technically and economically.

Detailed analysis

In in-house transport of machinery and equipment too, everything starts with intelligent, proactive planning. We know what is important and contribute our many years of experience with route analyses and transport planning based on such analyses – to eliminate the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Reliable technology

For the actual transport, we use the modern equipment from our own stock of machinery and vehicles, which includes suitable appliances for virtually every conceivable situation. In this way, we are prepared for all eventualities and able to master almost every challenge quickly and efficiently.

An expert team

Our engineers know their jobs. This is noticeable not only in their fast, yet safe dismantling of your machines, but above all in the professional re-assembly of your equipment, which naturally also includes the necessary settings, calibrations and complete new start-up.

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