Leave nothing to chance

Success is always a question of quality and accuracy. This equally applies to the performance of associates and to that of machinery and equipment. Inaccurate machines produce inaccurate parts whose quality and service life leave much to be desired.

With preventive maintenance and regular inspections of the machines’ geometry according to the manufacturer’s specifications, you are on the safe side and not only ensure consistently good quality for your parts, but also a longer service life for your machines.

Machine geometry inspection

Our service engineers check the machine geometry according to international standards such as ISO230 and thus ensure precise results. They use ultra-modern laser interferometers from well-known manufacturers, which deliver extremely accurate results.

Volumetric inspections

We check volumetric deviations inside the working space of your machines using a modern LaserTRACER. The technology from Etalon that we use enables exact measurement of all geometry deviations within a very short time and offers tested interfaces to communicate with the extensive compensation facilities of modern control systems.

Documentation and evaluation

From volumetric inspections and inspections of the machine geometry as well, you also receive a detailed documentation of all results, including their evaluation and calculated correction values.

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