We love challenges in the area of transport and logistics. And we like to accept them. No matter how long, how high or how heavy your machines or individual components may be, we will find the perfect solution to deliver them quickly and efficiently to their new destination.

To achieve this, we can draw on our steadily growing vehicle fleet, which includes traditional semitrailers as well as various specialized vehicles, to move all of your cargo safely.

Optimal preparation

Every specialized transport is different. Therefore we do not follow any standard procedures for specialized transports. We plan and prepare every project individually, fix the routes and travel times and obtain the necessary permits. All so you can be sure that your freight arrives safely.

Safe loading and unloading

For many specialized transports, the challenge does not start with the actual transport, but already with loading the transport vehicle. And this applies to unloading as well. So, our vehicle fleet includes lifting vehicles for a great variety of applications. And if necessary, we take these along to unload the goods on arrival.

Transport made to measure

Admittedly, we are somewhat proud of our vehicle fleet. Especially since it pleases our customers again and again! In addition to several standard semitrailers, our fleet also includes low bed trailers, semi-low-loaders, trailers with loading ramps and coil carriers. Our tarpaulin semitrailers can be widened up to 4.50 m and are equipped with cable winches, lifting roofs and many other extras.

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