Create the basis for precise operation.

A machine can only deliver accurate results when it works with high precision. Especially when using manual measuring instruments, it is important to minimize deviations by means of regular servicing and readjustment.

Our service engineers service your measuring instruments according to a fixed maintenance schedule and test them according to EN ISO 10360-2 and VDI/VDE2617 standards.

All measuring instruments used for this purpose are subject to regular inspection by a DKD-accredited test lab, which follows the guidelines of the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

Inspection and adjustment

Our service engineers inspect the drive systems, bearings, guides and measurement systems of your HAM instruments and readjust them as required. Of course, our maintenance service also includes rotation or angularity checks.

Tetronom measurement

If you require accurate results, you also need high-precision tooling. We check your equipment fast and reliably with a modern tetronom. The results are documented and visualised both graphically and alpha-numerically according to EN ISO 10360 and VDI/VDE 2617/2634.

Cleaning of measuring instruments

To operate with high precision, highly sensitive HAM measuring instruments must be kept perfectly clean. We carry out professional cleaning of measurement plates, guide systems and running surfaces, and thus ensure clean results.

Comprehensive documentation

After every servicing session, maintenance or repair, we prepare comprehensive inspection documents according to the VDI/VDE2617 standard. For more transparency and optimal operational safety.

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