Whatever you wish to have transported: we make sure that it reaches its destination. Safely, reliably and, above all, on schedule. As professional transporters of industrial components, machines and entire production plants, we know what’s important to make transport and logistics trouble-free and efficient: meticulous planning, international coordination and observing all regulations and controls.

And our service does not end at the kerb or in the harbour, either. We take your goods right to their final destination and, if desired, also take care of professional assembly and installation.

Efficient planning

We plan every transport down to the smallest detail. In a feasibility study, we consider all eventualities and then recommend the safest and above all most efficient transport route from our point of view, and we take care of obtaining all necessary import licences and certificates. All in order to make sure that you reach your goal at reasonable cost, yet safely.

Safe transport

We simply transport your goods: whether overland with our own vehicles, or by chartered means of transport such as ships or planes. Right to their final destination, of course – including dismantling and reassembly on demand.

Transparent costs

We take care of complete transport budgeting, from packaging costs to the actual transport, including export and import documents, customs duties, taxes if any or interim storage expenses at the harbour. All so that you can always keep track of the costs.

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