We make sure that your machines are perfectly balanced in the true sense of the word. As experts in machine alignment element calibration, we create a reliable basis for your production.

Our service engineers take care of highly accurate pre-installation and thus ensure that your machinery and equipment is optimally aligned and will operate faultlessly for a long time.

We work with machine alignment elements from all leading manufacturers – but if desired, we will also install our own, customized Fix Level machine alignment elements.

Optimal preparation

We carry out precise preliminary positioning and anchoring of all alignment elements. And we also provide the optimal base: In addition to precise laser calibration with tolerances below 1 mm, our working method includes complete cleaning and sealing of the machine foundation before the machine base is delivered.

Efficient setup

Thanks to the preparatory work performed, the actual installation expense is kept especially low. Your benefit: the machines can be started up quickly and smoothly, and your downtimes and waiting periods are minimised – so that you can get on with your work promptly.

Customised solution

As a matter of course, we use machine alignment elements from all leading manufacturers. But if desired, you can also use our specially developed Fix Level machine alignment elements!

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