Our specialists in the areas of clamping, measurement and test stand plates know very well how important accuracy and precision are. This applies, of course, to installation and alignment, but also to transport and logistics.

If you wish, we take care of everything and make sure that your new equipment is up and running as fast as possible and that it delivers the best possible results without disturbing your ongoing production.

Assembly and setup

Our technicians guarantee precise installation and levelling of your test stand and clamping plates, which of course also includes professional installation of vibration isolation systems. So that you can work safely and accurately.

Transport and logistics

As experienced logistics specialists, we also carry out the transport of your test stand and clamping plates and ensure that they reach their place of destination quickly and undamaged. Including integration into the ongoing operation with minimal downtimes.


In our modern warehouse facilities, we are able to store your test stand and clamping plates under optimal conditions until final delivery. At a constant temperature and protected from environmental influences.

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