Prevent downtimes

Especially in the manufacturing industry, being able to rely on well-functioning machinery and storage facilities is vital. We will take care of that! Our experienced engineers carry out important rack inspections, hose tests and inspections of hoists.

Preventive, efficient and competent to ensure the operational safety of your company at any time and to avoid downtimes.

Storage rack inspections

We take care of the mandatory annual inspection of all storage racks at your warehouse facilities according to the guidelines of the Industrial Safety Regulation and the European DIN EN 15635 standard – regardless of what types or forms of racks are used at your company.

Inspection of small hoisting devices

Correctly serviced hoisting devices and systems also contribute to occupational safety. Our specialists take care of repairs, maintenance and servicing of hoists and pulleys, winches, jacks and trolleys in compliance with German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) standards and the Industrial Safety Regulation.

Hose testing

We make sure that no hoses are blocked or brittle: with our mobile hose testing units, we check the correct connection, the condition of the material and the functionality of your company’s hose and pipeline systems on site in compliance with all German and European regulations.

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